Setting Up a New Program

Registering for a new program is just the FIRST STEP.

Now that the door is open, what do you do next once you step inside?


The first thing to do is to look for the Profile page and make sure all of your information is filled in, especially where it asks for your payment processor information. That is critical if you expect to receive all those commissions.

Don’t populate the entries with fake information. Generally, they will hardly ever use the information to actually mail you a letter or to call you on the phone.

Most contacting will take place in places like Skype or Facebook or Discord or in webinars.

Downline Builder

Next, look for the Downline Builder and fill in your user IDs for all of the programs that you are a member of. When your referrals click on the programs in your Downline Builder, they will join those programs UNDER YOU.


This is all about marketing, so next look for sections like My Text Ads and My Banner Ads and enter ads for a few of your programs.


Finally, go thru the menu items, one by one, looking for things that you need to update NOW versus updating later on.

Your Program Data List

Finally, we come to a document that can prove to be your lifesaver on more than one occasion.

This very important list can save you much time searching for things about the programs you have joined. Here are some topics you can store on your list. This includes sites such as email accounts and social media as well.

I keep all of mine on a Word document and keep it password protected.

  • Program Type:     Safelist Mailer, Traffic Exchange, Revenue Sharing, (PTC) Pay to Click
  • Login URL:        http://
  • User Name:        
  • User ID:             
  • Password:           
  • Contact Email:    
  • List Email:          
  • Date Joined:        2019-01-xx
  • Membership:      Free or upgraded
  • Paid thru:            Which bank card, payment processor?
  • Payments rcvd thru:    Which payment processsor?
  • Referral URL:    
  • Sponsor:             
  • Comments:         

That’s enough for starters. I’ll cover more in the next post.



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