AI Match Machines Setup

Okay, let’s get you on the path to profits.

Further down the page will be more detailed instructions to help you (1) set up funding, (2) create your account, (3) fund your account, (4) promote your affiliate link to invite people to the program, and (5) PIF people.


NOTE: If you do not already have accounts in these programs, please ask the person that invited you for his/her affiliate link for these programs so you can create YOUR accounts under him/her:

  • AI Match Machines
  • CoinPayments
  • Coinbase (if you use this program for your cryptocurrency wallet)
  • Blockchain does not have an affiliate program, so you do not need anyone’s affiliate link to create your account.


CLICK HERE for guidance on creating a Blockchain account and creating receiving addresses.


Let’s get started

Okay, here we go.

Many people say they find it hard to bring in 4 invitees to meet the requirement for Tier 1, so here is a suggested plan of action for you. IT DOES WORK!


Suggested plan of action to accelerate the growth of your downline

Here is a method one of our members uses. You can also use these steps to invite your 4 core members for your Tier 1 and to start growing your downline faster.

  • NOTE: Since we are team building, once you have 4 personal referrals, then you promote the links of your personal referrals to help them get their 4 personal referrals.

This method works perfectly, and if you show your members you invite to the program to do the same, all of your downlines will grow extremely fast!

This is how it works.

STEP 1: You fund your AI Match Machines wallet with $20. ($25 if you are not being PIFed by anyone.)

STEP 2: You invite 4 people to join you. You tell them about AI Match Machines and tell them you will be glad to Pay It Forward (PIF) to get them started.

STEP 3: As each of the 4 invitees joins and shows up in your back office as a FREE member, you click on the PIF button to PIF them.

    • After you PIF them, you will see their Status changes to PRO, and they have advanced to the Tier 1 level.
    • As you PIF each one, you will see the $5.00 you paid for them come right back into YOUR wallet. When you have completed PIFing all 4 of your invitees, you will once again have $20 in your Wallet in the Deposit Balance.
    • You can take that $20  and pay for your upgrade to Tier 2.
      • Of course, as a courtesy to the person you are under, you should always check to see that he/she is already upgraded to the next level BEFORE you upgrade to it; otherwise, he/she would lose out on the donation.
      • Remember, that also applies to YOU. Always check with the person you are under BEFORE you upgrade to the next level. If YOU upgrade too soon, the person you are under would not receive the donation from your upgrade.
    • There is an advantage for YOU to continuing inviting more than the initial 4 people to the program.
      • You are helping your downline members to get their 4 and upgrade faster.
      • Everyone you invite using your link will belong to you in Phase 2, and YOU will be the one who gets the MATCHING BONUS for the, not the person they fell under in your Phase 1 downline.

So, if you want to grow faster, teach your downline these 3 steps and get them started with growing their downlines faster too.


Okay, let’s get down to exactly how you go about doing everything.

It is impossible to cover every possibility here in these instructions because there are so many cryptocurrency wallets you could be using.

I created these instructions while I was actually doing the tasks to get a couple of people’s accounts created and funded. With one of them, I used a Bitcoin wallet, and for the other one, I used a Coinbase wallet.


Create your cryptocurrency wallet

Click right here to go to a page where you can see a few sites you can choose from for your cryptocurrency wallet. You can also use many of those exchange sites to convert your local currency into cryptocurrency.

While you are in your wallet, create a receiving address for your AI Match Machines withdrawals.

Note: When you create a Bitcoin wallet, you will get a long number with dashes in it. You ONLY use that long number to LOG IN to your wallet. Do NOT give that number to anyone, because if they use it to hack into your wallet and take your funds, you can say goodbye to your coins. There will be NO WAY you can get them back!

Your wallet receiving address will be a long number, about 30 to 35 characters long, consisting of upper case and lower case letters and numbers, WITHOUT any dashes in it.


Add funds to your cryptocurrency wallet

Do it right away, especially if you are creating a brand new wallet. As suggested up above, you can start out with just $20 to $30.

If you do not already have a cryptocurrency wallet, you can CLICK HERE to use my page to help you decide upon exchange/wallet to use and use my affiliate link to go the exchange’s website to create your account.

For security reasons, most of the exchange sites will ask you to upload documents to confirm your identity. Some will send you a text message to confirm your phone number and send you an email to confirm your email address.

I created my Coinbase account a year or two ago but never used it until a month or so ago. I deposited $50 into my Coinbase account, but when I tried to use those funds, Coinbase told me I had to wait 20 days. After uploading copies of my driver’s license and utility bill to verify my identity, the 20 days dropped to 7 days.

Now that you have funds in your wallet, let’s move on to creating your AI Match Machines account.


Create your AI Match Machines account

You are not allowed to join AIMM without a sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor’s referral link, CLICK HERE to go to the referral link for one of my downline members that does not yet have his/her FOUR Direct Referrals.

When you get to the AI Match Machines website, click on the CLICK HERE button to Register Free.

Make sure you see the name of the person that invited you right above the registration form. If it says Admin or a name you are not familiar with, STOP and CHECK WITH ME. If you join under the wrong person, IT CANNOT BE UNDONE.

To register your account, enter:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm your Password
  • The 5-digit Security Code to confirm you are a real person.

Click on the “Join AI Match Machines” button to confirm “You are agreeing to their Terms and Conditions.”


Enter your cryptocurrency wallet address into your AI Match Machines wallet

Now that your AI Match Machines account is created, on the next screen, click on login, enter your user name and password and log in.

At the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on the 3 little horizontal lines.

Click on the blue button with WALLET on it.

For this step, you will need your wallet receiving address. So, log in to your cryptocurrency wallet and COPY your receiving address for AI Match Machines.

Then come back to your AI Match Machines site, and scroll down the Payments Wallets screen until you come to the boxes for the various types of cryptocurrency wallets.

Assuming you are using Bitcoin, stop at the box for Bitcoin Wallet and paste your receiving wallet address into the box with “Your Bitcoin Address” in it. Double check to make sure you didn’t:

  • Copy any extra blank space at either end of the address.
  • Cut off any characters at either end of the address.

Why? Bad address means your withdrawals will NOT be going to YOU. Instead, they will go off into cyberspace.

Once everything is perfect, click on the button with Add Bitcoin Address.

After the Payments Wallets screen refreshes, once again scroll down to the Bitcoin Wallets box.

Now the box will have a lot more entries in it. You should see your receiving wallet address in the box beside Coin Address.

Now you are ready to ADD FUNDS to your AI Match Machines wallet.


Add funds to your AI Match Machines wallet

  • If you are just starting here to add funds to your wallet:
    • Open AI Match Machines.
    • Click on the 3 lines in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
    • Click on the blue button with WALLET on it.
    • Scroll down to the Bitcoin wallet box.

Now you can continue with these instructions.

At the bottom of the Bitcoin Wallet box, right under the label Funding Amount, enter the amount IN DOLLARS that you want to transfer from your cryptocurrency wallet to your AI Match Machines wallet.

After you have entered an amount, click on the button with Deposit Bitcoin Fund.

After the screen refreshes, once again scroll down to the Bitcoin Wallet box. Now, right above that box is another box containing a button with Pay using CoinPayments. Click on it.

On the CoinPayments screen,

  • Click on BTC in the box beneath Select A Coin.
  • Make sure your email address and first name and last name are in the boxes, then click on the blue button with Complete Checkout.

On the next screen, CoinPayments will show you the wallet address where you need to send the funds and the amount to send.

Carefully copy the wallet address, being careful NOT to cut off any characters, nor to get any blank spaces at either end.

Go to your Bitcoin wallet account and select Send to open a transfer screen.

Paste the wallet address into the TO or Recipient box. (This will vary depending on which Bitcoin wallet you are using.) Again, check for extra spaces on the ends, or cut off digits.

Go back to the CoinPayments screen and copy JUST THE NUMBERS in the Amount figure (NOT the “BTC” too). Then paste the numbers into the box on the Send screen for BTC, NOT in the box for USD!

Add an optional note if you wish. The note is just for your information.

Click on Continue.

The next screen gives you one last chance to review the information before it is sent.

If you are using Coinbase, it will ask you for the 2-step verification code (if you have that activated). Enter the code, then click on Confirm.

If you are using Blockchain, you have the opportunity to change the transaction fee from regular to priority to get the transaction processed a little quicker.

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting until the funds have been sent to your AI Match Machines wallet.

Although the CoinPayments screen may say PAID right away, it could still be another 30 minutes or longer for the funds to actually be in your AI Match Machines wallet.


Activate your AI Match Machines account

To confirm receipt of the funds into your AI Match Machines wallet, log in and click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Click on the WALLET button.

Scroll down to the Bitcoin Wallet box.

You should see the amount you deposited in the box beside Deposit Balance.

Go back to the top of the screen and click on the blue button with ACTIVATE.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Activate Platform(s) screen until you come to two boxes labeled Position and Payment Mode.

If this is your first upgrade, you should have:

  • Position: Stage 1 – Tier 1 Position for $2.50 USD
  • Payment Mode: Bitcoin (BTC) Purchase Wallet

Click on the Purchase button.

After the screen refreshes, scroll down to the bottom again. Now it should say Thank you for purchasing a position.

That’s it.

Now look around your site to get familiar with where things are, then you can get on with the next phase; inviting people to join you.


Invite people to AI Match Machines

Now the fun begins! Invite 4 people. Even if you PIF them, you will have your money back once you PIF them. You break even. No, you actually have profited already.

At the far left-hand side of your AI Match Machines site, click on Promo. It has your affiliate link, as well as links for banners and text for email ads.

If you want to use the same kinds of lead capture pages as I have used for my lead capture pages for AI Match Machines, CLICK HERE to take a look at The Conversion Pros (TCP). Then click on the SIGN UP NOW button and try it out for free for TWO WEEKS.

Ask me and I will give you the Share Codes for the pages and emails I created for my AIMM campaign (or for any other program I have created pages/emails for). You copy the Share Codes to your account, make a few minor edits to tailor them for your use, and within a couple of minutes, they are ready for YOU to use to build your AIMM downline.

If you need ideas on where to advertise, go to the top of my website and click on Business Tools, then on Safelists and Solo Ads.

There are tons of places to advertise.


PIF (Pay It Forward)

Click on PIF in the top menu.

Find the name of the person that you want to PIF, then click on the PIF for User button.

As the screen says, “Make certain your downline has entered their Receiving Wallet Address BEFORE you PIF them.

Click on the Pay for PIF button in the Action column for the person you want to PIF.

In the Select the Purchase Wallet to Pay $5.00 USD box,

– Select the wallet that has the funds you want to use to pay the PIF

– Then click on the Pay for PIF button.

When the screen refreshes, you should see that person displayed in the Member You PIFed section.


Live training sessions

Helen Caronna invites you to her Zoom meetings. As soon as she has a set schedule, I will put it here. In the meantime, her next live presentation will be on Monday, April 22nd at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Join Zoom Meeting

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Meeting ID: 293 630 3349

Find your local number:


Now the ball is in your hands. It’s time to run with it.