Income Streams

There are many programs on the internet. Some good. Some not so good.

In most cases, what it really boils down to is how much effort did YOU put in towards WORKING the program before you threw up your hands and QUIT?

When someone fails, it is not always “the program’s” fault. At least not most of the time.

Each of the programs listed in the dropdown menu under Income Streams is an excellent money-maker. That is, providing you do what is laid out for you to do.

Do you think you will get rich overnight? If that is what you are expecting, internet marketing is NOT for you. As with any business, it takes TIME, EFFORT, MONEY and  PERSISTENCE to make money with it.

Even the programs under Business Tools as well as in the other areas can also be money-makers for you. Most programs have affiliate programs where you can earn from the efforts of those that join the programs thru your affiliate links.

In some cases, you do not earn anything they moment they join under you. Instead, you earn based on their use of the program.

For example, when someone joins Udimi under you, you do not earn any commissions at that point. (See the Safelists and Solo Ads page.) However, when your referrals purchase a solo ad from one of the solo ad providers, THEN you earn a commission based on that solo ad purchase.

Programs with low start-up costs

I know that “low” is relative to EACH PERSON’S financial situation, but I’m referring to programs that require less than $20 to get started.

Many of the FREE programs only get you in the door, then they hit you up with a fee for this and a fee for that. In the end, you can make good money with them, BUT what if you don’t have enough for all of the startup costs?

That’s where these programs with actual low start-up costs help you get started making money. Then you can afford to move on to some of the programs that cost more, and of course, you can earn much more money with them.


Crypto 300 Club

  • Begin by purchasing a $10 package
  • Fund your wallet by using Bitcoin or Perfect Money.


All 4 One Leverage

  • Begin by purchasing a $6 package
  • Fund your wallet by using Bitcoin, Stripe, Bluebird Money Card, Cash App, GooglePay, Square Credit Card Invoice, or CirclePay.



  • The program costs $3.49 each month.
  • Fund your wallet by using PayPal, Skrill, GooglePay or Payoneer.



  • Just $2 to get started earning.
  • Pay your sponsor using SolidTrust Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, or Skrill; however, both you and your sponsor must have accounts in whichever processor you are using.


Mingle Cash

  • Watch videos & earn, Offer Wall, participate in Lotteries, Refer & Earn.
  • PayPal and Vitae Token