Road to Freedom 2019


CLICK RIGHT HERE if you have not yet created your account.




The first thing you need to do once you have created your Road to Freedom account is to update your information on your Profile screen.

However, before you go to your Profile screen, go to your Bitcoin wallet and create a receiving address to receive your donations from Road to Freedom.

Remember, wallet addresses DO NOT have dashes in them. You (ONLY YOU) use those long numbers with dashes to log in to your Blochain wallets. NEVER let anyone have access to those numbers because if they use them to hack into your wallet, you can say goodbye to your coins. Forever! There is NO getting them back!

Copy your receiving wallet address, then go back to your Road to Freedom Profile screen (under Account Activity).

Scroll down the page to Payment Processor, which will stay on CoinPayments.

Paste your receiving wallet address into the box to the right of CoinPayments.

Fill in all of YOUR information in the boxes on the Profile screen.

Then enter the 3 characters you see in the Code box into the box to the right of Captcha and click on Submit.


Fund your Road to Freedom account

Click on Finance, then on Add Funds.

Determine how much funding you want to add to your wallet; any value between $1 and $500. Unless you plan on PIFing people, $1 should be enough to get you started.

  • Enter the amount you want to add to your account in the box to the right of Amount.
  • Enter the 3 characters you see in the Code box into the box to the right of Enter Captcha.
  • Check the box in front of “I agree with the terms and conditions of”
  • Click on the Submit button.

On the CoinPayments screen,

  • Click on BTC in the box beneath Select A Coin.
  • Make sure your email address and first name and last name are in the boxes, then click on the blue button with Complete Checkout.

On the next screen, CoinPayments will show you the wallet address where you need to send the funds and the amount to send.

  • Carefully copy the wallet address, being careful NOT to cut off any characters, nor to get any blank spaces at either end.
  • Go to your Bitcoin wallet account and select Send to open a transfer screen.
  • Paste the wallet address into the TO or Recipient box. (This will vary depending on which Bitcoin wallet you are using.) Again, check for extra spaces on the ends, or cut off digits.
  • Go back to the CoinPayments screen and copy JUST THE NUMBERS in the Amount figure (NOT the “BTC” too). Then paste the numbers into the box on the Send screen for BTC. NOT in the box for USD!
  • Add an optional note if you wish. The note is just for your information.
  • Click on Continue.
  • The next screen gives you one last chance to review the information before it is sent.
  • If you are using Coinbase, it will ask you for the 2-step verification code (if you have that activated). Enter the code, then click on Confirm.
  • If you are using Blockchain, you have the opportunity to change the transaction fee from regular to priority to get the transaction processed a little quicker.
  • Now, it’s just a matter of waiting until the funds have been sent to your Road to Freedom 2019 wallet.
  • Although the CoinPayments screen may say PAID right away, it could still be another 30 minutes or longer for the funds to actually be in your Road to Freedom 2019 wallet.

Purchase Positions

Once you have funds in your Road to Freedom wallet, you can purchase some positions.

  • Go to the Finance section, then to Purchase Position.
  • Under Current Balance, you should see the amount you just sent to fund your account.
  • Under Current Matrix Plan, you will see how many positions you can purchase right now, at a cost of $0.20 each.
  • In the box beside “Enter the number of positions you wish to purchase”, enter a 2.
  • Click the box in front of “I agree with the terms and conditions of”
  • Click on the PAY NOW button to finalize the purchase.
  • You now have TWO POSITIONS.


Advertising YOUR programs

In the Advertisement section, you have the opportunity to promote any programs you wish.


Promoting Road to Freedom 2019

In the Promo Tools section you will file banners, splash pages, landing pages, emails, etc., you can use to promote YOUR affiliate link for Road to Freedom 2019 to help you grow your downline.