Payment Processors

Payment processors are another essential business tool. For many of the programs, the payment processor is the bridge the company uses to receive your payment for joining their program. It is also the bridge for the program to pay your commissions to you.

Different programs use different sets of payment processors. Unfortunately, there is no one processor used by all.

Here are some of the payment processors that I still use. (Some processors restrict their membership depending on which country you live in. Many of the processors do not allow residents of the U.S. to use them.)



  • PayPal used to be one of the most popular payment processors. However, over that last year or two, PayPal has been freezing the accounts of more and more of the program owners and marketers. So program owners are looking elsewhere for their payment processors.


One Race United (ORU)

  • Advertised as being the PayPal alternative.
  • ORUScore is the revolutionary platform that pays people cash for their participation. The more you participate, the higher your score and the more you get paid. It’s a big thank you, for being part of the ORU community and their acknowledgment that your time is valuable. So, do the things you already do every day and if you do them with ORU, they will pay you for it.


SolidTrust Pay (STP)

  • I used to use STP extensively until the licensing issue came up.
  • For quite some time now STP has been in the process of negotiating a license to operate in each of the countries, as well as in each of the 50 U.S. states. If you are not able to fund your STP account, it could be that they have yet to negotiate a license to operate in your country or state.
  • When I logged in to my STP account on 25 Jan 2019, persons living the following U.S. states still cannot activate an account:
    • Arizona (AZ)
    • Connecticut (CT)
    • Florida (FL)
    • Kansas (KS)
    • North Dakota (ND)
    • Texas (TX)
    • Virginia (VA)
    • Washington (WA)
  • You can create an account. You just cannot activate it, nor fund it, nor do too much else with it.
  • If any of your programs use STP, I recommend you create an STP account NOW. Later on, after STP can operate in your country/state, fund it. For now, be prepared.





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OK Pay



  • Currently does not provide service to residents of the U.S.


Perfect Money

  • Available in Canada, Europe, and Asia; NOT in the U.S.


Initiative Q



  • Due to events that took place last year, many countries cannot use Payza, especially the U.S.
  • MANY programs were using Payza, so hopefully, they will get their issues resolved soon, and MAYBE it will once again be a popular processor.