Now Lifestyle

Now Lifestyle (NLS)

Get fit AND get paid!


What is Now Lifestyle?

  • Health and Fitness program. Work out 7 minutes/day, 3 times a week to get into the best shape of your life. Add Fiber and Protein to assist in better health.
  • Get paid up to 90% commissions to introduce others to the system! (There are multiple ways for you to earn with NLS.)
  • Get educated with NLS University. Education is Key to Success!


Why Now Lifestyle?

We’re saving lives, and building great incomes, at a great price point that’s reasonable in the marketplace.


How do you make money?

Three simple steps

  1. Upgrade and set up.
    • Upgrade to the $50 a month plan. (When possible. go ALL IN!)
    • Set up your Lead Capture System and your Now Body FIT Profile. Watch the Now Body videos and begin your personalized 7-Minute workout program. Track your experience so that you can share it!
  2. Send traffic to your NLS lead capture page.
    • Buy Facebook leads and/or Guaranteed Paid Signups and invest in the 10X System. Purchase third-party solo ads, promote on social networks, etc. to your NLS capture page.
  3. Follow up. (You need to practice and master this art!)
    • This is BY FAR the most important activity you will learn! Massive Imperfect Action works here! Remember, you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person! Just be yourself. Let people know you are here to help.
    • Using the 10X Blogger System lets you follow up like a PRO!

That’s all there is to it! Simple and sweet.

You must be willing to put in about 6 hours of consistent work each week. You cannot just join and sit back and expect everyone else to do everything for you.

Don’t think you are going to become rich by tomorrow. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a “business” and you have to treat it like a business. Give yourself a few months to “learn the ropes” and become successful. EVERYTHING has a learning curve. This business in no different.

However, you are NOT on your own. You have tremendous support groups to help you whenever you need it, including Joel Therien, the owner of the company.

  • You have a wealth of information on the NLS website.
  • You have lots of help at the Facebook groups.
  • There are almost daily webinars presenting the program, followed by question and answer sessions.


How do you get started?

You can join Now Lifestyle by clicking here, OR you can join Now Lifestyle thru one of these two programs (or both of them). Regardless of which way you join, FOLLOW THE STEPS. That’s why they are there; to HELP YOU get your Now Lifestyle business set up for you to start earning money.  

Although both systems are good, I recommend starting with Team 2 Profit.


Team 2 Profit (T2P)

  • T2P keeps everything short and simple.
  • Create your free T2P account, then follow the steps on the T2P home page to set up your NLS campaign.
  • There are also some instructions toward the bottom of the home page for setting up an Optional custom funnel. I highly recommend using the optional funnel.
  • Click here to join Team 2 Profit.
  • Click here to watch Janet Legere’s training session on April 12, 2019. Her topic for this session was “How to Record Videos for Your Leads and Members”, upload them to YouTube and embed them into your emails.


Your Eight Steps (YES)