BCCA stands for Belize Crypto Currency Alliance, and the Alliance’s coin is the BCCA coin.


Belize Crypto Currency Alliance (BCCA)

Click here to create an account on the BCCA website.

Once you are a BCCA member, we can add you to our Discord channel to keep up to date with goings on.

You can download a wallet to your desktop or laptop computer to store your BCCA coins. Besides earning from buying and selling the BCCA coins, you can also earn from Staking the coins in your wallet.



At the moment, you can only purchase and trade the BCCA coin on the CryptoX Exchange. CLICK HERE to create an account at CryptoX.

As with many of the cryptocurrency exchange sites, it is highly recommended that you activate 2 Factor Authentication. Many of the sites use Google Authenticator, an app that can be installed on your cell phone.


Need funds to purchase coins?

Go to my Passive Coin Trade (PCT) page to see some of the programs in our Portfolio to help them earn funds. Either CLICK HERE, or go to Income Streams in the menu at the top of the page, then to Passive Coin Trade.