BCCA stands for Belize Crypto Currency Alliance.

The Alliance’s coin is the BCCA coin.


Belize Crypto Currency Alliance (BCCA)

Click here to create an account on the BCCA website.

Join us on Discord so we can assist you in real time wherever possible: https://discord.gg/W8gh4fY

If you use Skype, we can also do a Share Screen and I can watch what you are doing on your screen and guide you through the process. If we are not already Skype contacts, please send a Contact Request to me at wayne.randall47.


Your Wallet

You can download a wallet to your desktop or laptop computer in which to store your BCCA coins. Besides earning from buying and selling the BCCA coins, you can also earn more coins by Staking.

Step 1. Before you download the file and try to install it, I highly recommend you FIRST watch this video that walks you through the process.

Step 2. Click here to download the install file for your wallet.

Now you need to buy some BCCA coins for your wallet.



At the moment, you can only purchase and trade the BCCA coin on the CryptoX Exchange. CLICK HERE to create your CryptroX account.

As with many of the cryptocurrency exchange sites, it is highly recommended that you activate 2 Factor Authentication. Many of the sites use Google Authenticator, an app that can be installed on your cell phone.

Now you are ready to get some coin.

  • First, look over the Sell offers to see what the sellers “would like” to receive for their coins.
  • Then, make YOUR Buy Offer.
    • Just because the lowest Sell offer might be at say 0.00000200 BTC, does NOT mean that you have to pay that much.
    • You could make a Buy Offer at 0.00000020 BTC.
    • If no one accepts your Buy Office, you can always increase it, little by little, until you reach YOUR limit. Do NOT pay more than you can afford to pay.


Need funds to purchase coins?

If you do not have funds to buy your coins, you can go to my Passive Coin Trade (PCT) page to see some of the programs in our Portfolio to help them earn funds. Either CLICK HERE, or go to Income Streams in the menu at the top of the page, then to Passive Coin Trade.


Improvements to the webpage

My intention was not to put every instruction here on this page, but for this page to be a roadmap for downloading and installing your wallet on your computer and getting coins added to your wallet.

As you go through the steps on this page, please let me know where it can be improved.