Low-Cost Money Makers


Here are a few programs that do not cost an arm and a leg to get into.

Don’t think that you are going to join them today, and when you wake up in the morning you will be rich.

Just as with the higher cost programs, you have to give them a few months before you can see a steady, passive income from them.

I am not going to go into great detail with any of these programs. I will give a little information about each of the programs. Just CLICK ON THE PROGRAM NAME to find out more about them.


NOTE: If someone else has invited you to join these programs, ask that person for their affiliate link to join under them. However, if you do not have a link to join, you are more than welcome to click on the INVITE links for any of the program on this page, but be advised that you will be joining under myself or one of the people in my downline. Welcome aboard!


Road to Freedom 2019

  • Launch Date: March 16, 2019
  • RTF2019 is a very unique crowdfunding system.
    • Free to join, WORLDWIDE.
    • Simply purchase a position OR you receive a position via PIF, and you are on your way.
    • The system is fully automated so you can continue to receive donations long term.
    • You can purchase automatically every 12 hours from your wallet balance.
    • Automated upgrades to the next step.
    • For long-term earnings, automated referrals. The program gets referrals FOR YOU.
    • All FREE members have the ability to receive a position from the PIF Referral System. Once you have a position, you will start to receive donations.
    • As new members join, they are added to our ever-growing circle. With this method, a new member can join and get a position which is filled by members that joined at the very start. All members have exactly the same opportunity to receive donations. When you join does not matter. For this reason, as we are built on a circle system, NOT a pyramid, RTF2019 is not a Ponzi scheme.
  • Click here; your invitation to join us.
  • After becoming a FREE member, you have two options:
    • Wait for someone to PIF (Pay It Forward) you, or
    • Deposit funds and purchase your position. The minimum deposit is only $1.
  • If you are planning to PIF anyone, consider that when you deposit into your account.
  • Once you create your account, update your Profile screen, including adding your Bitcoin receiving address so you can receive your donations.
  • Click here for step-by-step instructions for getting set up.


Cents For Freedom

  • CFF is designed to help all members earn and retire earlier with fat cash in their pockets.
  • Positions are just 10 cents.
  • $2 subscription-based positions are available. These $2 subscriptions will automatically keep generating 1 position daily for 20 days (still 10 cents per position).
    • You can purchase up to 5 subscriptions daily. That means purchasing 5 positions daily.
  • You can PIF your downline, or others. The PIF will not come out of your subscription balance, so you will have to have extras funds in your cash wallet for the PIFs. You will have TWO options to PIF people:
    • $2 that will automatically keep generating 1 position daily for 20 days for them.
    • 10 cents that will only purchase ONE position for them.
    • NOTE: If you really want to help your invitee, the $2 PIF is the way to do it; 10 cents will not help much. What is worth doing, is worth doing WELL!
  • Some strategies:
    • Deposit at least $10 into your account so you can purchase 5 subscriptions ($2 each). Each subscription will purchase 1 position each day for 20 days. The daily max is 5 positions each day.
    • Deposit more if you are planning on PIFing people. I recommend the $2 PIF for those that you really want to help out.
  • Click here; your invitation to join us.
  • Click here to join our Telegram chat room.
  • Click here to join our Facebook group.


Give and Get Paid

  • Some fantastic changes are taking place. For the time being
    • (1) Join as a FREE member.
      (2) Enter your receiving wallet address in your back office.
    • DO NOT FUND YOUR ACCOUNT YET. Leave it on FREE!!!!!
  • Join this matrix on Level 1 for only $2.50
  • Deposit an extra $10 into your wallet to Pay It Forward for 4 of your invitees, then teach them to do the same.
  • Click here to lean more about it.
  • Click here; your invitation to join us.


Daily Freedom Challenge (DFC)

  • Join this matrix for only 20 cents.
  • You can purchase up to THREE 20-cent positions each day.
  • A strategy: Depositing $18 into your account will allow you to purchase 3 positions each day (the daily max) for 30 days.
  • Click here; your invitation to join us.


All 4 One Leverage

  • Join this matrix and purchase a position for only $6
  • Click here to get started.


Crowdfunding Guaranteed

  • Just a one-time donation of $29.
  • Click on the program’s title to see more about it.


Echo Traffic Club (ETC)

  • This is a team-building program.
  • ETC is free to join.
  • ETC uses various low-cost programs to help you make money.


Crypto 300 Club

  • Free to join.
  • Free members get a FREE $10 Crypto Pack to take for a trial run. Free packs expire once you earn $1.
  • Purchase as many $10 Crypto Packs as you wish. Log in once a day and click a button and earn 2% for the pack’s first 60 days, then 1% for life after that.




E-Z 2 Bucks


Bitcoin faucet programs

  • Free to join.
  • Solve a captcha and earn Satoshi.


Step Ladder Downline Builder

  • Free to join
  • Walks you, step-by-step, thru a series of programs.
  • If you follow the steps, one by one, you will never pay more than $11.50 out of your pocket.


Four Corners Alliance Group

  • Costs a one-time membership fee of $28
  • [Secret] It is one of the programs in the steps for the Step Ladder Downline Builder.