On this page I will try to put things to help people get their Infinite-Funds accounts created and set up to make money. The content here will be based in response to questions our members post in our Skype group.

One thing that we emphasize is that you always join programs using the links provided by YOUR REFERRAL/SPONSOR. Please, NO stealing of other people’s referrals.

Please read over ALL of the information this page to help you make the most with your matrix positions and referrals.




Please send a contact request to me on Skype (wayne.randall47) so I can add you to our Infinite-Funds Skype group to help you keep up with things and get help when you need it.


STEP 1: BEFORE You Log In To Your Back Office

  • Review EVERYTHING on this webpage (the page you are looking at right now).
  • The information on here will help you to NOT experience some of the same problems so many of us have gone thru so far.
  • AFTER you have looked over the page, THEN open a DIFFERENT BROWSER TAB or WINDOW and go to and enter your username and password.
    • This way you can keep referring to my page to see WHAT you SHOULD be doing, while you are in your back office DOING THE TASKS. 
  • If you don’t know what your username and password are, please contact your Sponsor (the person that referred you to Infinite-Funds). 
    • Remember, your password has to be entered EXACT. For example, if your password is Fundme123, you cannot enter it as fundme123 or as FundMe123. If you do, you will get a message telling you that you used an incorrect username or password.
  • If I am your Sponsor, you can contact me:
    • On Skype at wayne.randall47
    • By email at
  • Even if I am NOT your Sponsor, you can contact me for help.


SUGGESTION: Since many people are having such difficulty in doing the first 3 steps using a cell phone, it might be much easier to do the first 3 steps (and maybe the 4th too) if you could find a computer (even if a computer at a public cafe). You could use your cell phone after that.


STEP 1A: What do you do if you do not remember your username and/or password?

  • Go to the login screen for your back office.
  • Right below the button with Login on it, click on Forgot Password.
  • On the next screen, enter:
    • Your username
    • The email address you used when you created your account.
    • The characters you see on the next line into the box below with Enter captcha in it.
  • Click on the button with Send Request on it.
  • On the next screen, you should see this message:
    • Your request has been accepted. We will send you a confirmation email. Please follow that instruction.
  • In a few minutes, you should receive the email from Infinite-Funds with the subject Forgot Password.
  • Click on the link in that email and you will be taken to the screen to reset your password.
  • On the password reset screen:
    • Enter your NEW password TWO times.
    • Enter the characters you see on the next line into the box below with Enter captcha in it.
  • On the next screen, you should see Password reset successfully.
  • Now you can log in to your back office and continue following the steps below.



STEP 2: Update your Profile screens

One of the first things you need to do after logging in to your back office is to click on Member Management, then on Profile View and update your information on the various screens.


Profile Photo
  • I highly recommend you upload a nice photo (head and shoulders view) so people can see who they are working with.


Personal Information
  • So far, I have not been able to edit the information on this screen.


Contact Information
  • Click on the little pencil icon on the right side of the screen to Edit your info.
  • Before you can Save your changes, you MUST have filled in each of the items identified with an asterisk after the field name.


Social Profiles
  • If you wish, enter your links for Facebook and Twitter.


Bank Information
  • You only need to fill in this information if you will be receiving withdrawals to your bank account.
  • (21 Aug 2019) I suggest not entering your information until Jason confirms that he has successfully completed a withdrawal to HIS BANK ACCOUNT.


Payment Details
  • You can leave the default settings for now.



STEP 3: Create Your Transaction Password

I suggest as soon as the Profile data has been updated that you immediately create your Transaction Password.

The Transaction password is completely different from the password you use to log in to your back office. It is used when you do financial transactions like:

  • Adding funds to your E-wallet
  • Buying matrix positions
  • PIFing people on the PIF Users List
  • Requesting withdrawals

At the bottom of the menu, click on Transaction Password.

  • Since you do not yet have a Transaction Password, click on the Forgot Transaction Password tab which is to the immediate right of the Change Transaction Password tab.
  • Enter the captcha letters/numbers, then click on the Send Request button. Shortly, you will receive an email with further instructions.
  • When the email is received, just follow the instructions to create your Transaction Password.
    • If you do not see the email, check your Junk Mail, Spam, Trash folders.

NOTE:  If you have problems with your Transaction Password, you might find that you will have better luck if you use 6 NUMBERS for your Transaction Password, rather than using any letters or special characters.



STEP 4: Add Funds to Your E-wallet

If someone has already REFERRED YOU and created your account, they have probably also PIFed your entry into Infinite-Funds. That means that THEY PAID the 50 cents for your initial matrix position in the program.

Now, you need to add funds to your E-wallet so you can purchase more positions in the matrices. Remember, the more positions you purchase, the more money you can earn. If you only rely on the one 50-cent position purchased for you when you were PIFed, it will be a very long time before you make anything.

On the other hand, I am not suggesting that you spend more money than you can afford.

Currently, there are two options for adding funds to your Infinite-Funds E-Wallet: (1) Stripe and (2) Bitcoin.



In my opinion, Stripe is the easiest option, but that will depend on YOUR particular circumstances.

Here is how to add funds using Stripe.

  • In your back office, go to E-wallet, then go to Credit. (I know this sounds like you are going to take out a loan, but rest assured, this is not the case.)
  • You MUST enter something for each of these 3 items.
    • Amount. Enter how much (in US Dollars) you wish to add to your E-Wallet, i.e., 5 or 25 or 100 (do not enter decimal point, i.e., 5.00)
    • Transaction Note. Whatever you enter here is only seen by you.
    • Payment Method. Select Stripe from the dropdown list.
  • When done, click on the Credit button and you will be taken to Stripe to complete the transaction.
  • On the Pay with Stripe screen, enter the info for the debit/credit card you will be using for the transaction.
    • Name on Card
    • Card number
    • CVC code
    • Expiration Month (2 digits) and Year (4 digits)
  • When done, click on the Pay Now button to complete the transaction.



Here is how to add funds using any Bitcoin wallet (not just with Coinbase).

  • In your back office, go to E-wallet, then go to Credit. (I know this sounds like you are going to take out a loan, but rest assured, this is not the case.)
  • You MUST enter something for each of these 3 items.
    • Amount. Enter how much (in US Dollars) you wish to add to your E-Wallet, i.e., 5 or 25 or 100 (do not enter decimal point, i.e., 5.00)
    • Transaction Note. Whatever you enter here is only seen by you.
    • Payment Method. Select Coinbase from the dropdown list.
      • Based on comments by one of the members a few days ago, Coinbase might NOT be good to use right now, but you can use ANY Bitcoin wallet to Send funds to your Infinite-Funds E-wallet.

      • The member said she wanted to transfer $5 from her Coinbase account to her E-wallet, but she needed an additional $10 for the transaction fee!!!!

      • If the Transaction Fee is too much, try using Stripe. I have been using Stripe and have had no problems with it.

  • When done, click on the Credit button and you will be taken to the Pay with Coinbase screen to complete the transaction.
    • NOTE: You must complete the payment screens within half an hour because the RECEIVING ADDRESS will not be available after half an hour.
  • On the Pay with Coinbase screen, enter the info to Send funds from your Bitcoin wallet to your Infinite-Funds E-wallet. (NOTE: My instructions are based on using Blockchain, NOT Coinbase.)
  • Open your Blockchain wallet and click on the SEND button.
  • Copy the Infinite-Funds RECEIVING wallet address found on the Pay with Coinbase screen.
  • Paste the Receiving wallet address in the TO box on your Blockchain Send Bitcoin screen.
  • Copy the amount of Bitcoin (JUST the numbers; not the letters BTC too) you need to transfer, as displayed on the Pay with Coinbase screen.
  • Entering something in the Description box is completely up to you.
  • Network Fee. Choose either the default Regular fee, or change it to the Priority fee. That is completely up to you.
  • When done, click on the CONTINUE button to complete the transaction.
  • Now you wait for the transaction to complete. Depending on various things, it could take an hour or longer. Just be patient.



STEP 5: Buy Matrix Positions

  • Go to Purchase Board Position.
  • In the box below Board, click on the dropdown arrow at the right end of the box to see a display of the matrix names and their costs.
  • Highlight the matrix you want.
    • You can only purchase one position at a time, so if you want to purchase more than one position, you need to purchase them one by one.
  • Enter your Transaction Password in the box, then click on the BUY button.
  • If successful, you will see a message similar to this one.
    • Purchase success. Amount $0.50 is deducted from your E-Wallet. (Account will be active by tomorrow.)
    • The BUY function will be turned off for a couple of hours at the server’s midnight while the daily transactions are processed. During that down time, you will not be able to PIF New Users or buy matrix positions.
    • The server’s midnight hour is approximately 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Note: Beginning on 28 August 2019, the BOT began to automatically scan accounts each day after the daily updates are processed to purchase up to EIGHT 50-cent membership matrix positions for accounts that:

  • Have not logged in during the previous 3 days and purchased any positions.
  • Have sufficient funds in the E-wallet to pay for the positions.



STEP 6: Sponsor/Refer People

  • Regardless of which method you use, MAKE SURE your referrals know to place YOUR username and full name on the SPONSOR AND PACKAGE screen; otherwise, they showing up on the PIF Users List with ADMIN as their Sponsor and ANYONE can PIF them to become their Sponsor.
  • Also, ensure you have enough funds in YOUR E-wallet to pay their PIF (99 cents for each person) before you create their account.


Jason’s page

You can send people to Jason’s page for them to learn about Infinite-Funds; HOWEVER, if YOU want to be their Sponsor, tell your referrals to get back to you with the information you need (See the section about Contact Information Screen down below) so YOU can (1) create their account and (2) PIF them in.

  • If you experience problems with the link for Jason’s page ( being accepted in your advertising, try using this link instead:
  • The URL redirects to the URL.


Click on New Member on the Dashboard’s menu

VERY IMPORTANT:  If YOUR REFERRALS click on the Join Free Today button on Jason’s page, YOUR referrals will end up on the Public PIF Users List where ANYONE can PIF them in to Infinite-Funds and then THAT PERSON will immediately become YOUR referral’s Sponsor in Infinite-Funds; NOT YOU!!!!


Your affiliate/referral link

You can find your personal link on your back office’s Dashboard. Click on Copy Link in the box right under Replica Link. Your link will look similar to mine; however, the mariway19 which is highlighted in yellow needs to be replaced with YOUR Inifinite-Funds user name.




How to Create an Account for Your Referral

Begin by clicking on New Member to go to the Sponsor and Package screen.


Sponsor and Package screen
  • The username and full name displayed should BE YOU.
  • Click on the NEXT button to go to the Contact Information screen.


Contact Information screen

This information on this screen pertains to the REFERRAL, not to you.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail. Recommend using a Gmail address.
  • Mobile Number. Enter 10 digits. You do not need the country code. That will be added based on the info updated on the Profile screens.
  • Click on the NEXT button to go the the Login Information screen.


Login Information

The information on this screen also pertains to the REFERRAL, not to you.

  • Username
  • Password (two times)
  • Check the box in front of “I accept terms and conditions.”
  • Click on the Next button to go to the Payment Type screen.


Payment Type

At the moment EVERYONE gets signed up as a FREE MEMBER and is placed on the public PIF Users List.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you go to the PIF Users List as quickly as you can after clicking the FINISH button to PIF your new referral before someone else does it; otherwise, YOU will not become your referral’s Sponsor.



PIF Users List

  • Your Referrals. Click on PIF Users, then look for anyone with YOUR username in the Sponsor column. If you just created their account, the newest people will normally be on the last page. You will see YOUR USERNAME in the Sponsor column.
  • Buying Referrals. You can PIF any member that has Admin in the Sponsor column. Once PIFed, YOU will become that person’s sponsor.



Live Update Sessions

Jason tries to do live update sessions at least once a week, generally on Wednesdays; however, the time of day various because we have members from all around the globe.

  • Check here for the time for the next session:
  • The exact time are normally be posted by the Friday before the live show.




Frequently Asked Questions


Do we still earn if we do not have referrals?

ANSWER: You will still cycle through the matrices and earn from the first column of earnings from each matrix; however, you will NOT EARN the Referral Bonus. So, yes you earn and cycle just like the rest of us. You will still earn, but without Referral Bonuses!

  • For example, when you cycle out on Level 3, you earn $120, plus a Referral Bonuses of $75.
  • Without any referrals, you only earn $120.



How many funds should I add to my E-wallet to get started?

Basically, you need to add enough funds to:

  • Purchase positions in the various matrices. (See the next section about strategies.)
  • PIF (Pay It Forward) referrals (99 cents each), whether they are YOUR personal referrals OR they are referrals you buy on the PIF Users List.



Suggested Strategies

Below are a few suggested strategies you can use to multiply your earnings.

Strategy 1

If you can do this for your personal accounts, the sky will be your limit.

  • 2 positions in the $5 Fast Matrix ($10)
  • 1 position in the $5 Mid Matrix ($5)
  • 1 position in the $15 Big Pay Matrix ($15)
  • 1 position in the $20 Fast Matrix ($20)

     Total cost is $50 ($10 + $5 + $15 + $20)


Strategy 2

If you have $15, you can do this:

  • 2 positions in the $5 Fast Matrix
  • 1 position in the $5 Mid Matrix


Strategy 3

If you have $10, you can do his:

  • 1 position in the $5 Fast Matrix
  • 1 position in the $5 Mid Matrix


Strategy 4

If you only have $5 to buy positions, buy 1 position in the $5 fast pay matrix.


Over the next days after buying the positions suggested in these strategies, you can buy 50-cent Membership Entry positions using your earnings. Once you cycle or start earning from the $5 position, use part of your earnings to buy more $5 positions, while the system automatically re-enters you into the $15 and $20 matrices.



When do purchased positions show up in my account?

Positions purchased throughout the day will show up in your account at the end of the server’s day 

  • The server’s midnight hour is approximately 7:00 PM Eastern Time. 
  • The PIFing and Buying functions are deactivated for a couple of hours while the day’s transactions are being processed.