TCP – Your First Campaign

Now that you have those admin details taken care, of what do you do?

What? You didn’t do that yet? No problem. Click right here and take care of them. It will only take a minute or two.

What you do now depends upon YOUR situation.

  1. Do you have other programs or products that you want to promote using TCP?
  2. If you do not have other things, you can promote TCP as your primary program.
  3. You can promote TCP and your other programs.


Set up a campaign

As you might have seen as you browsed thru the training/tutorial videos, when you use Share Codes, you copy landing pages, lead capture pages and email series into YOUR account. Then all you have to do is personalize them for YOUR use by replacing whatever is there with YOUR name, email address, phone number, Skype ID, affiliate links, etc Then they are ready to use.

If you have a program in mind that you want to promote, tell me which ones you want to set up. I have materials for dozens of programs already set up. So, if I already have a campaign (landing pages, lead capture pages and emails) set up for that program, I will be more than happy to give you my Share Codes, and guide you thru what needs to be edited. Then you will be ready to use them to get leads and signups for your program(s).


Be creative

If I do not have Share Codes for materials specifically designed for your program, get into a creative mood and pick one of the ready-made templates TCP has for us. There are many styles to choose from. If you choose one set up for videos, there are some for a single video, as well as some for 2 and 3 videos. All you need to have are the Share links from YouTube for the videos you want to have on your pages.

There are many short “how to do it” videos on the TCP site. We can also connect on Skype and you can share your screen with me and I can guide you through getting things set up. It is much easier guiding you if I can see exactly what you are seeing on your computer than trying to guide you thru a voice call or a chat call. That’s like the blind leading the blind, and can get very frustrating.


Potential Earnings

Remember, if you are using TCP to set up and promote your program, each of the people that join could also be using TCP to promote their links for the program. That would be $20 per month per downline member for EVERY month they pay their TCP membership. Oh, and that is in addition to whatever you earn for them becoming a member of your primary program.

Do you see how this all begins to add up quickly?

It only takes 2 or 3 TCP referrals, and YOUR TCP monthly fee is covered.

The thing with getting people to join a program is that you have to show them WHY they need it; otherwise, they will just stop paying and disappear.


Use of your TCP Trial time

You need to make GOOD use of your TCP Trial time:

Get familiar with the TCP site over the entire week, but especially during the first day or two.

Use the TCP tools and set up a campaign.

  • For your primary program
  • To promote The Conversion Pros

If you aren’t sure what to promote, I can give you some ideas.

The main thing is to get promoting something so you can start getting referrals, and signups, so you are earning some money from the commissions.

By the way, TCP pays commissions every week, not just once a month.


Let’s connect

Contact me and let’s make GOOD use of your TCP Trial so you get on the road to earning plenty of commissions.


Wayne Randall
Skype:  wayne.randall47