Paid Advertising

When you get tired of the non-responses from your advertising in free locations, try out some paid advertising.

There are numerous places you can purchase leads from. Here are just a few selected ones on this page. I will add more after I feel comfortable with the results I get with them.




Udimi is an excellent source for purchasing solo ads.

Join Udimi for free.

Then you look through the offers of the Sellers and choose the one that looks BEST FOR YOU.

When someone that YOU refer to Udimi purchases any solo ads, you earn a commission. As with all programs, if you are an upgraded Udimi member, your commission will be much higher than if you are a free member. BUT, even as a free member, you can earn commissions for the solo ad purchases by your referrals.

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MLM Leads are people that are looking for ways to make money from home. These prospects have responded to an ad that reads:

“Learn how ordinary people are making an extra $1,977 per week, part time. Start a business from home. Minimal investment required. Free information shows you how.”

Their lead generation advertisement focuses on “making money from home”. As such, these leads can be used to prospect any and all home-based businesses.

The term “MLM” really refers to “multi-level marketing”. Hence, MLM leads refers to prospects for your multi-level marketing business opportunity since they’re looking for ways to make money from home.


They have a wide variety of types of leads; thus, wide variety of prices, ranging from around $20 up to over $2,000, depending on the kinds of leads you want.