The Easy Residual System

Have you looked at the new Easy Residual System (ERS) videos to help you get YOUR system set up?

You focus on promoting YOUR link for the new and improved ERS funnel, but earn from FOUR programs.

  1.  The Conversion Pros (TCP)
  2.  Your primary program (your choice)
  3.  Easy Residual System (ERS)
  4.  Udimi


PROGRAM #1 – The Conversion Pros (TCP)

The first program, TCP, is the backbone of any marketing system. TCP is a complete set of business tools.

If you are like me when I was just beginning to work online marketing, the thought of an autoresponder terrified me (the unfamiliar, the unknown). Back then, the costs for an autoresponder and the other business tools needed for marketing cost hundreds of dollars.

What does it do?

It really doesn’t matter what you do online (or off-line, for that matter), an autoresponder is an essential tool. Without the help of an autoresponder, you will spend much of your time:

  • Sending emails to prospects that answer your ads.
  • Sending periodic follow-up emails to your customers and prospects.
  • Keeping track of who you’ve sent emails to and when you need to send the next follow up to each prospect and/or customer.

You might think that it doesn’t matter, you could handle it. Maybe you can when your list has only a few names on it, but what happens once your list has a hundred names, or thousands, or more?

The first TCP tools you will use are the landing page builder and the autoresponder.

  • You will use the landing page builder to create lead capture pages. When a prospect clicks on the link in your ad, the prospect will go to your lead capture page. They will enter their name, email address, phone number, etc., and click on a button to go to the next step. At this point:
    • The prospect’s information (name, email, phone, etc.) is added to YOUR contact list.
    • Your autoresponder will immediately send an email to your prospects to welcome them to your program.
    • Your prospect will be redirected to the registration/signup page for your program.
  • Over the next few days or even weeks, your autoresponder will periodically send follow up emails to your prospects telling them more about your program and encouraging them to join.

Whether you only use the TCP tools for building your ERS funnel, or you use it to create campaigns to promote ANYTHING else, is up to you.

I use the TCP tools for promoting dozens of programs, including TCP itself.

I think many people back off when they see the TCP subscription is $50/month. I did too, initially, but after playing around with the tools during the FREE Trial period, I quickly saw how much time I could save by using them, and the pages created are of excellent quality.

TCP has already created pages for dozens of niches; some with just text, others setup for 1, 2 and even 3 videos about your program. You simply copy the Share Code and within a second or two, YOU have a copy of those pages in YOUR account. All the pages are 100% editable; text, videos, colors, EVERYTHING. Change them however you want. The same goes for the sets of pre-written emails.

If your sponsor happens to have a series of emails and pages that you would like to use, just ask for his/her Share Codes, and within seconds you can have your very own set to edit however you want.

What are the costs?

Now, let’s take a look at what IT COSTS.

  • You pay $50 each month for your subscription.
  • You receive $20 EACH MONTH for each person you refer for as long as they continue paying their subscription.
  • So, once you have 3 paying referrals, your $50 is covered. In fact, you already have a $10 profit.



As you continue setting up your ERS funnel, the next program your prospects will be invited to join is YOUR PRIMARY PROGRAM, whatever that might be.

I chose to set up Exitus Elite as my second program.



The ERS site is full of materials to help you promote ERS, and tons of training materials, which can be adapted to promote any program you want.

  • ERS has various payment programs for the VIP membership; $45/month, or less if you pay quarterly or annually.
  • As a VIP member, you can earn up to 60% commissions for members you refer.
  • Don’t forget, you als earn commissions from The Conversion Pros, YOUR primary program, and Udimi.



Udimi is a site where you can view offers and purchase solo ads right from the vendor. I have been purchasing solo ads from Udimi sellers for quite a few years, and have had good results from many of them.

  •  Udimi costs nothing to join.
  •  The costs are based on solo ads YOU purchase.
  •  YOU receive commissions whenever anyone YOU refer to Udimi purchases solo ads.


If you aren’t already getting your ERS funnel set up, just CLICK RIGHT HERE TO GET STARTED TODAY!

If you have questions or need help with anything, contact me.

  • Skype:  wayne.randall47
  • Email:


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