Autoresponders & More!


An autoresponder is the very essential business tool that builds YOUR LIST!

  • Autoresponders manage YOUR LISTS of contacts (from prospects to members that have joined your programs).
  • Autoresponders automatically send emails to the people on YOUR LISTS.
    • Generally, an autoresponder sends an email as soon as the prospect fills in their information (name, email address, etc.) on the lead capture page for your program.
    • In addition to that, the autoresponder sends another email every day or two for a period of time (a week, a few weeks, a month, etc.) to encourage the prospect to join your program.

Nowadays, most autoresponders also perform other functions in addition to that of an autoresponder. For example, some autoresponders also have page builders, online conference rooms, etc.


What do autoresponders cost?

Some people’s first reactions are, “Oh, no. I cannot afford an autoresponder.”

When in reality, you cannot afford NOT to have an autoresponder. An autoresponder saves you a tremendous amount of time by sending out those initial contact messages and all of those follow-up messages FOR you.

Let’s say an average autoresponder costs $50 per month. On the other hand, YOU might RECEIVE $25 each month for EACH person you referred that joined that autoresponder program.

So, with only TWO referrals, YOUR membership is paid for.


Here are a few autoresponders that I have worked with.

Click on the title to see a video about the program. (The data on this page is effective 7 February 2019, the date I created this page.)


Here is a very good YouTube video that compares The Conversion Pros to Builderall to help you decide which is better for YOU.


The Conversion Pros (TCP)

  • Of all of the autoresponders I have used, I find TCP the easiest one to use.
  • Cost is $50/month (Less per month if you pay quarterly or annually.)
    • TCP pays YOU $20/month for each personal referral.
  • You get a wealth of tools for your money.
    • Autoresponder Builder. Time for you to get in on the action. Easily create targeted email campaigns and send them automatically when people enter their information on your capture pages. Your readers are already interested in your content – they just need a little nudge in the right direction.
      • Send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts.
    • Email Broadcaster. (Limited to 2 broadcasts each day)
    • Contact Relationship Manager App. Everything is automatic and effortless with the CRM App. When you get a new customer or lead from your landing/capture page, you will be notified right away and all of their contact information will be automatically imported to the app on your phone. The app also syncs with both inbound and outbound phone calls for your convenience, and it even integrates with your smart watch. Now, you can let the TCP CRM app keep track of all your customers in your most accessible smart devices.
      • Unlimited
    • Landing Page Builder. Tons of templates to help you get started. Simply choose a template you love and then customize it to match your business, brand, and offer. Add a background from our huge selection of images or choose your own. You can even add a video! Once completed, you’ll have a ready-to-launch capture page to sell your products or services, day and night.
      • Unlimited
    • URL Rotator. Simple – use the URL Rotator. The URL Rotator will send the same URL to your contacts, but they’ll be directed to three different pages. Select a specific number of hits for each site and you’re ready to start split testing.
      • Unlimited
    • Tiny URL Creator. TCP’s Tiny URL Creator lets you shrink them down to tiny, manageable URLs. Plus, you can see how many hits each Tiny URL gets and what source the hits are coming from, which saves you money on tracking software. Create and track as many tiny URLs as you want. Don’t worry; they’re on us.
      • Unlimited
    • URL Tracker.
      • Unlimited
    • Mobile Site Builder. 
    • QR Code Creator. Customize your code’s colors, add your logo to the middle, and change the shapes in the grid. In just a few minutes you’ll have a cool QR Code to send prospects to your capture pages. Add it to your website, business cards, and online ads.
      • Unlimited
    • Webinar Builder. (Unlimited)
    • Blogging Platform. Enter the TCP Blog Creator. We link directly to WordPress to keep it simple, and you won’t have to remember a thing. Boost your Google ranking, increase visibility, establish authority, build brand loyalty, and keep your customers engaged.
    • SMS/Text Broadcaster. Guess what, your customers are doing the same thing. Next time they check their phone, they just might find a text from your company promoting an offer or a sale. The SMS Text Broadcaster lets you plan out targeted SMS campaigns to your existing contact lists.
      • Well below wholesale pricing.
    • Invoice Generator Tool. Start out by adding your company’s logo, importing client contact information, and numbering your invoice in the thousands (even if it’s your first one!). Then, add your services and rates. When you’re done, just save and send. Never spend another penny on an accountant to manage invoicing and tracking.
      • Unlimited
    • Hundreds of short “how to” videos. Why spend half an hour or longer watching a lengthy video trying to figure out how to do something? Instead,  watch a short 3 to 5-minute video on the specific topic you want to learn how to do?
    • Marketing Videos. Use one of our free premade marketing videos instead. You can add them to capture pages, send them in targeted SMS or email campaigns, or add them to your landing pages and sales funnels. They’ll immediately help you start selling.
    • Real-time Live Interviewed Biz Opp Leads.
      • Well below wholesale pricing.

Click right here to watch one of Dave’s webinars showing you some of the things you can do with The Conversion Pros. It’s about 40 minutes long, but WELL WORTH the time.



Send Shark

  • Cost is $25/month.
    • As an affiliate, you collect 50% commissions for life. 
  • Get a 50,000 subscriber autoresponder.
  • Comes with a page builder.



  • Join at one of three levels:
    • Builderall Business: $49.90/month
    • Digital marketing: $29.90/month
    • Web Presence: $9.90/month
    • Earn 100% commission on your customer’s first payment, then 30% commission every month the customer remains active.
  • Mailing Boss Autoresponder
  • Design Studio
  • Presentation Builder
  • Photo Studio
  • Animated Video Creator
  • App and Script Generator
  • Tutorials and Training Videos
  • Money-Making Funnels
  • Lead Tree
  • Training


All in One Profit (AIOP)  

  • Cost is $11.50/month for Basic membership; $21.76/month for Pro.
    • As a Basic member, you earn $10 for each Basic and Pro member in your downline.
    • As a Pro member, you earn $15 for each Pro member in your downline and $10 for each Basic member in your downline.
  • Autoresponder
  • Downline Builder System
  • Splash/squeeze page maker
  • URL Tracker
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • Video Maker
  • Video Squeeze Builder
  • Graphics and Web Design Software
  • Article Editing Software
  • Digital Product Library with many hurs of video training, audio books, and eBooks.
  • Text and Banner Advertising with unlimited credits.


Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) Host Then Profit (HTP)

  • Cost is $19.97/month
    • Refer just 2 people and get paid down a full 6 levels.
    • Refer 2 more and get paid down a full 10 levels.
  • Autoresponder Pro email marketing system. Up to 5 campaigns, 500 subscribers..
  • Web Host Manager. Host up to 4 domain names
  • Easy Video Producer. Video marketing system. Create up to 5 killer videos.
  • GVO Conference. Live conference room. 5 seat room, can be upgraded to 500.
  • Prospecting System. Professionally created custom video lead capture pages.
  • GVO Academy. Professional coaching by expert instructors/coaches.