Investment Programs

There are many investment programs out there that allow you to increase your earnings. But be careful! As with any investment, there is always a risk of losing your money too. When you come across a program that piques your interest, Google it and look on YouTube to see what you can find out about it. Look at multiple sources because there are always a few people that are unsatisfied with any program. Read and listen to what they say, THEN make your decision as to whether you want to get into it.

A good rule of thumb when you are putting your money anyplace is: “Never use money that you cannot afford to lose.” That’s not saying that you WILL lose your money, but there is always a risk with things you are not familiar with.



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Crypto Lux

CryptoLux is a financial payment self-standing network, specifically created for independent users, offering fast and secure transactions. CryptoLux offers a unique decentralized, self-regulated and blockchain based cryptocurrency. The system enables a full payment system based on anonymous and transparent transactions without any transaction fees. CryptoLux supply is limited to 30 million coins, protecting and enhancing the Initial Coin Offering investments (a total of 7 million coins), by following our well-structured Road Map. Our financial payment network is highly-secure and safe, being impossible to hack or fake, due to the Blockchain based technology. CryptoLux is using the CLX currency symbol and it revolutionizes the industry through a great vision of stability, professional and financial freedom.

YOU decide how much you want to deposit into your Crypto Lux account.

If you are not sure you want to deposit a large amount right off the bat, start out will a smaller amount and see what you think about the program. Once you are more confident, you can deposit more.

I started out with just $50 in Bitcoin, and am earning 1.16% daily. A few weeks later, I deposited another $25.

Click here to watch a presentation about Crypto Lux.

Click here to open up your account and look around.




Bit Plaza

This is another great way for you to make some money.

Bit Plaza has 3 investment plans:

  • 10% Daily Forever
  • 600% After 30 Days
  • 1500% After 60 Days

You decide how much you want to invest.

  • The minimum investment is 0.001 BTC.
  • The maximum investment is 500 BTC.

Make a deposit today and start earning high profits! Register Now!



Crypto Pros

Crypto Pros

This is the content of an email sent on 26 March 2019 from the owner of Coinpressions and Coinpressions2 to their members.

As most of you know, I own a third business called Crypto Pros.

Crypto Pros is on a different script that runs much better, and I also have support from the script developer should there be any problem. At this time I am managing three admin area which is a huge time demand. As a result, I am merging Coinpressions and Coinpressions2 into Crypto Pros.

I currently have my programmer creating a new matrix for this merger. The matrix will be a 2 x 20 personal forced matrix, but it will have some unique features to address the things many people do not like in a personal forced matrix.

I am calling this a one-time payment residual matrix. The initial cost is $50 and then the recurring monthly is only $25, and that will be automated. We will be paying a one-time $25 bonus to the sponsor on the initial $50 payment and then $25 will be paid out in the 2 x 20 matrix. The matrix will be top loaded allowing the subscription to be covered with just 6 people or the first two levels of the matrix filled.

Remember, I said a one-time payment residual matrix, so how does that work with a $25 subscription? The unique feature is, we will NEVER PURGE anyone from the matrix after the initial $50 payment. If the member does not have the $25 in their Subscription Wallet at renewal time, they will remain in the matrix and can continue to earn 50% commission payments until their subscription is renewed, at which time they go back to full 100% earnings.

There will be new banner and text ad products for this subscription.

So, how does this affect current Coinpressions and Coinpressions2 members? They will have the opportunity to be the first people loaded into the new matrix prior to public launch, and prior to the current 10,000+ membership at Crypto Pros being allowed to join.

From that point forward, processing withdrawals from Coinpressions and Coinpressions2 will no longer be processed. Between the two businesses, there are 4 wallets: a Cash Wallet at Coinpressions and Coinpressions2, a Subscription Wallet at Coinpressions and a Purchase Wallet at Coinpressions2.

On April 15th, the owner will pull the databases from Coinpressions and Coinpressions2 and total the funds in the 4 wallets for each member. 

  • The members with $50 or more will be the first people loaded as the pre-launch members in the new matrix.
  • All funds in excess of $50 will remain in the new Crypto Pros Subscription Wallet to cover renewals in future months.

If you want to be included in the new matrix, just make sure the total balance of all 4 wallets in Coinpressions and Coinpressions2 is at least $50.

Soon after the new matrix is completed and the qualified Coinpressions and Conpressions2 members have been loaded into the new Crypto Pros Matrix, the websites will go down.

There will be more communication as we get closer to April 15th, but for now:

Make sure you have a total of $50 or more in your Coinpressions and Coinpressions2 accounts.

If you have not yet joined Crypto Pros, CLICK RIGHT HERE to create your account now.