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Contact List Builder
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Janet Legere, the owner of Contact List Builder (CLB), has been teaching list building strategies for over 16 years (since the late 90s), and now you can get her strategies for FREE!

CLB is a teaching platform, with a focus on list building and personal branding, offering marketing tools and systems, including advertising and marketing training, complete with on-going support.

In case you haven’t heard this before, the money is in the list. The list building strategies you will learn from CLB actually work! They work for building a list of contacts for any kind of business.

Janet shows you how to get your marketing strategies organized and get you headed in the right direction. Stop spinning your wheels and letting shiny objects keep getting in your way; distracting you from your primary objective of making money.

At CLB, a fantastic training and mentoring program, you will learn all about Janet’s 5-Step Success Blueprint and, as a member of CLB, you will learn how to use Janet’s Secret Weapon, a weapon that really works to build your list. You will find amazing things happening in your life from Janet’s Secret Weapon.

As Stefan Berg, owner of the safelist,  The Lead Magnet, said, “The most important thing is to use the system [Contact List Builder and its Downline Builder programs] to learn the ropes. Be a diligent student and an even better business person. YOU make the difference by adding salt, pepper, colors, flavor, labor, etc., to it.”

The NEW AND IMPROVED STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS. If you haven’t looked around the CLB website lately, you need to take a look at CLB‘s Ready, Set, Go Marketing System.  The steps in the new marketing system make it so much easier to get CLB and its downline programs all set up. The revised steps are very detailed and contain many screen shots to make the instructions even easier to follow than before.

We also have various groups in Skype and Facebook where you can get support from Janet and many of the CLB leaders. We now have over 6,000 members from around the world. You can get help just about any time of day or night.

The CLB 5-Step Success Plan teaches you:

  • Goals and Mindset
  • A Focused Plan of Action
  • How to Brand Yourself
  • How to Build Your List
  • How to Build Relationships and Create Loyal Customers

Oh, by the way, if you have missed that step, CLB is FREE to join.

  • With the CLB’s “Ready, Set, Go Marketing System,” you can get started setting up the downline programs for less than $50 a month.
  • Once you get set up and begin your advertising campaigns, you will want to upgrade in some of the programs so you can earn higher commissions than you do as a free member. At that point, you would be spending around $125 a month.
  • As an affiliate of these programs, YOU also EARN commissions from the people that join under you. That means that of that roughly $125 a month, once you have a couple of people following you in setting up, your $125 will be covered by the commissions you earn from YOUR downline.

Where can you get into business for yourself for so little money? Yes, you can stay FREE; however, as a free member, you will be earning commissions in the range of 10%, whereas as an upgraded member, you would be earning commissions in the 30% to 50% range. It is your decision.

We will help you set and achieve your goals. They CAN and WILL happen.

I look forward to working with you.


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