Admin Tasks

As with ANY BUSINESS, there are administrative details you need to tend to. The following items are food for thought.

Computer Security/Maintenance

  • Keep the programs on your computer up to date, including Windows.
    • Do you have Windows Update configured to automatically check for updates?
  • Do you have software installed to scan for viruses and malware, as well as a firewall?
  • Do you defragment your hard drives? If you use your computer a lot, you should defragment your drives at least once a week. It will help keep all of the pieces of files together so your computer does not have to work so hard to open them for you.
    • Microsoft Windows has a Disk Defragmenter in the System Tools.


Anti-virus and Anti-Malware Software

There are lots of programs you can use to keep your computer safe. Most programs offer a FREE version, as well as a PAID version. It does not matter which version you use. What IS important is that YOU USE SOMETHING!


Until recently, I was using a paid version of Comodo Internet Security Pro software. Prior to that, I had been using Comodo’s free software. CLICK HERE to go to Comodo’s website to look over what they have.


Maintenance and Tech Support

Here are some places you can get help when you need it.

Advanced System Repair (ASR) Pro
  • Quick and easy system repair solution.
  • Scan, fix, clean, optimize, and protect your PC
  • I was having problems with my Windows 10 Start Menu disappearing. I Googled solutions and ASR kept popping up, so I downloaded and installed it to gave it a try.
    • My Start Menu began working again!
  • Click here and give it a try.


  • It has never been easier to get computer and internet help!
  • AnyTech365’s friendly IT experts give your PC a FREE health check, look for possible viruses and other harmful threats.
  • CLICK HERE to SAVE 40%. Secure all your devices and data, and get friendly IT experts on standby!



  • Programs/accounts. Make a list of key information about the programs you join. That also includes things email accounts, payment processors, bank accounts, debit/card card accounts. As a minimum, I recommend keeping track of these items.
    • The URL you go to to log in
    • Your user name/ID
    • Your password
    • Security PIN
    • Contact email
    • Date you joined
    • Your referral/affiliate link
    • Who your sponsor is. (At least his/her name. Maybe also email address or Skype ID; a way to get in contact when you need help)
  • Daily Checklist. Make a list of marketing tasks you need to do each day.
    • Include things you do on a less-frequent basis too, just so you do not forget to do them.
    • Make sure you DO at least one INCOME-GENERATING task EACH DAY, such as:
      • Contacting people on social media sites, like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc.
      • Clicking on safelist emails to earn credits so YOU can send emails to the safelist members.
      • Surf sites on traffic exchanges to earn credits for members to view YOUR ads.



  • RoboForm.
    • In addition to the expanded program details you keep on YOUR LIST, you can also use programs like RoboForm to store your login information. RoboForm makes it extremely easy to log in to programs that require a username and password.
    • RoboForm is free to use up to 10 login IDs. For more than 10, you can upgrade to unlimited IDs, for $19.95 a year. Keep an eye out for special offers, like $9.95 for the first year.
    • CLICK HERE to download your free copy to install on your browsers.