Safelists and Solo Ads

Safelists and solo ads are relatively economical places to advertise your affiliate links. Since safelists are membership sites, when you join a safelist, you agree to receive emails from the other members in exchange for you to send your emails to the membership. As such, you are NOT spamming to people that did not agree to receive your emails.

Most safelists are free to join and to use; however, you will find that there are considerable advantages to upgrading. Some benefits of being an upgraded member are able to:

  • Contact several times more prospects, several times more often.
  • Contact a potentially better quality of prospects.
  • Decrease their “marketing time” from hours to minutes because they don’t need to click for credits.
  • And in the end,  make substantially more money.

Each safelist is a little different than the others, so look for comparison charts for the differences between joining as a free member and the various upgrade levels.

The sites listed below are many of the safelist and solo ad sites I currently use in my marketing. Which ones are better? That depends on a lot of factors.

  • Does the subject of your ad attract the viewer’s attention? What works for one person may not work for the next.
  • If your ad does get opened, does the body entice them to click on your link to join your program? Again, content can be critical.
  • Many emails sit in Inboxes for days or weeks or even months before being seen.
  • Many emails are deleted without even being opened.

I personally receive over 4,000 to 5,000 emails every day; sometimes even more. There is no way I can even begin to read each one, so I scan for key words or phrases in the subjects.



Choose ONE safelist at a time. Join it and get it completely set up and working for you BEFORE you join another one.

When you join a program, you will be offered to upgrade at a savings. Although it sounds nice, does it also sound good to your wallet? It might be better to try it out for a while as a FREE member, THEN decide if you just want to upgrade. This won’t be the only time you can get a “good deal” on upgrades. Specials will be offered every now and again throughout the year, especially around holidays.


Once you get signed up for a few of them, you can use a tool like TEM Browser to help you surf multiple programs at the same time. Click on TEM Browser and download it and install it onto your computer. It will save you tons of time.


I am using these programs at an UPGRADED level; many at the LIFETIME level.

The majority of these programs can be joined and used for FREE. I will try to identify each one that is NOT free to join. As with any program, you always have the option to upgrade in any of these safelist or solo ad programs in order to have access to the privileges of being an upgraded member. I will try to add a note to each of the programs that are NOT free to join.



  •  At Udimi you can window shop, looking over the various solo ad seller’s offers, find offers that interests YOU, and buy it.
  •  Even if YOU do not buy any solo ads, I recommend you join and promote Udimi because YOU can earn a commission whenever anyone YOU refer to Udimi buys solo ads.


#1 Goldmine

  • Blast emails out to more than 338,000 members.
  • In order to send out a Blast, you must first purchase one of the ad packages that range between $57 and $147. With the $57 package you can send out 40 times; with the $147 package, you can send out 200 times.


Leased Ad Space (LAS)

  • For just $7 you can send out one solo ad every 14 days, for LIFE!


Super Spotlight Ads


1-2-3 List


Pizza Mailer Safelist


Dracula Mailer


Infinite Mailer


Ad Labyrinth Mailer


All Pro Mailer

  • Costs a one-time $47 to join.

Alpha Mails


AM PM Targeted Advertising


Blue Diamond Safelist


Critical Mass Mailer


Desktop Lightning


Email Hog


Email Marketing Masters


Genie Mailer



  • Send emails to over 83,000 members once every 24 hours.


Hot List Mailer


Hot Spot Mailer

  • Send out emails to over 42,000 members as often as you like, as long as you have enough credits on your account.


Money Maker Safelist


Northern Mailer


PG Viral Mailer


Prospect Geyser COOP


Prospect Geyser Viral Mailer


Real Time Ad Blast


Referral Builder Elite


Referral Frenzy


Safelist Extreme


Safelist Pro


Social Message Connect


Soldier Ads


Top Tier Traffic


Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer


Viral In Box Mailer


Viral Mail Profits


Your Viral List


Your Viral Mailer

I am using these programs at the FREE membership level.

10 Buck Blast


100 Percent Mailer


Ad Troopers




Bee Hits


Best List Mailer


Cherry Traffic


Conversion Surf


European Safelist


Extreme Solo Ads


Free Ad Swap


Guaranteed Mails


Hibbard Branding Mall VM


High IQ Mailer


Legends Mailer


List Joe


List Jumper


List Surfing


Million Leads for Free


Mister Safelist


Pangea #1


Pangea #2


Red Stag Mailer


Safari Mailer


Special Delivery Mailer


Speedy Traffic Mailer


State of the Art Mailer (SOTAM)


Super List Explode


Supercharged Solo Ads


The Lead Magnet


The Split View


Top Surfer


Trend Mails


Viral Nugget


Viral URL


Whitelist Email Marketing


Wonder Mailer


Your Viral Traffic