Crowdfunding Industry Update

[Adapted from a Facebook post by Pete Redekop.]

🎯 2018 saw a number of Crowdfunding programs launch. The first to make an impression was 5050. There were several others, as the concept caught on quickly once people experienced receiving money.🎯 Rapidly!

Each new crowdfunding program that came out had new and better features than the previous ones.

In particular, was one newcomer that was so popular over 2,000 people jumped ship from other similar programs in just 8 days.

👉 Click here to take a look.

Here are what I chose as the best elements to look for in a good Crowdfunding system:

1️. No manually sending multiple donations to individuals.
2️. Optional automatic upgrades.
3️. Optional auto re-entries.
4️. Lower entry points.
5️. More options for payments.
6️. No dud positions (people that don’t pay)
7️. Able to pay people in, from your account balance. (P2P)
8️. Transfer funds between members. (P2P)
9️. Better back office reporting, training, and marketing.
🔟 Only $30 to start. That includes a $75 earning position.
🎯 5 easy-to-enter pledge levels: $25 – $50 – $100 – $200 – $400
🎯 Monthly program. Get paid to infinity on your entire organization. (A first! No others have.)
🎯 No losing downlines that jump ahead to larger pledge levels.
🎯 Custom capture pages.
🎯 videos available in more than 20 different languages

The best of the lot so far is the newcomer, Crowdfunding Guaranteed (CG). CG looked at the problems other programs had and solved them. 

👉 Click here to check it out.

👉PS: Thousands of members from 5050 Crowdfunding jumped into this program and all agreed that the automation and 4 instead of 6 to upgrade makes a big difference.

Programs are evolving and so should we.

Crowdfunding Guaranteed HAS evolved!

👉 Click here to join us.


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