The Holy Grail of Online and Offline Marketing

What Really Makes Your Business Grow?
by Gerhard Rempel.

Doing one thing, a very simple yet most important thing, a thing that everybody can do.

How much time do you spend, every day, actually doing the one thing that really gets you money?

Common sense tells me that most likely not nearly enough because if that was the case, you wouldn’t be reading this. Instead, you would be out there busy making money.

When you discover how little of this “One Thing” that you should actually be doing every day, but you’re not doing it simply because you’re telling yourself that you’re not able to do it, you’ll be shocked.

So, what is that “One Thing” and where is the problem? Why are most people not able to do that “One Thing”?

That “One Thing” is “Talking to People”, whether it is online or offline.

Now, what’s the problem? The problem is an “Imaginary wall or barrier” in our HEADS!

We allow our subconscious minds to defeat our ideas before we even give it a try.

We’re pre-convincing ourselves that when talking to people, they will say NO, and we allow the word NO to defeat us, and we drop our money-making ideas on the spot.

Get out there and TALK TO PEOPLE.

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