Cents for Freedom


On this page, we’ll get your Cents for Freedom account set up so you are earning from your positions in the matrix.


Bitcoin wallet

As with most of these cryptocurrency programs, make sure you have a Bitcoin wallet AND some funds in it that you can deposit into your Cents for Freedom (CFF) wallet.

If you need help creating a Bitcoin wallet, CLICK RIGHT HERE for step by step instructions to create and set up a wallet at Blockchain. There are also some suggestions for sites where you can convert your local currency into Bitcoin.


Creating your Cents for Freedom account

You have two options:
  • Use the affiliate link given to you by the person that invited you to join us.
  • Click right here to join Cents for Freedom under myself or one of my downline members.


Creating your account
  • At the top of the screen, click on the button with SIGN UP FREE.
  • On the Registration page, enter: 
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Country
    • E-mail Address 
    • Username
    • Password (two times)
    • Security Code (the letters you see in the shaded box)
  • MAKE SURE your Username and email address are correct. For security reasons, you CANNOT change them later on.
  • Click on the REGISTER button.


Setting up your CFF account

  • Log in to your account using the username and password you used when you created your account. (Write them down and keep them in a safe place, just in case you forget them later on.)
  • Click on Dashboard.
    • Towards the bottom of the screen are a few instructions.
  • Click on Profile.
    • Make sure your name and country are correct. If they are not, you can update them.


Depositing funds into your CFF account

  • Before you purchase any positions or PIF anyone, you have to deposit funds into your CFF account.
    • Click on Deposit.
    • Click on Deposit Funds.
    • Determine how much you will need.
      • Each 20-day subscription is $2. (Limit of 5 subscriptions per day.)
      • To PIF a single position to someone is 10 cents.
    • Enter the amount of funds you plan to use in the box beside Amount Deposit. (There is a minimum deposit of $2.)
    • Click on the arrow on the right-hand end of the box beside Payment Mode, and select the processor you will use to fund your CFF wallet. (Not all payment processors are available for use in all countries.)
      • Payeer
      • PerfectMoney
      • Bitcoin
  • My instructions are based on you paying with Bitcoin. so once you see Bitcoin in the box beside Payment Mode, click on the Deposit button.
  • On the next screen (CoinPayments),
    • Click on the BTC in the box beneath Select A Coin.
    • Make sure your email address and first name and last name are in the boxes, then click on the blue button with Complete Checkout.
    • On the next screen, CoinPayments will show you the wallet address where you need to send the funds and the amount to send.
    • Carefully copy the wallet address, being careful NOT to cut off any characters, nor to get any blank spaces at either end.
    • Go to your Bitcoin wallet account and select Send to open a transfer screen.
    • Paste the wallet address into the TO or Recipient box. (This will vary depending on which Bitcoin wallet you are using.) Again, check for extra spaces on the ends, or cut off digits.
    • Go back to the CoinPayments screen and copy JUST THE NUMBERS in the Amount figure (NOT the “BTC” too). Then paste the numbers into the box on the Send screen for BTC, NOT in the box for USD!
    • Add an optional note if you wish. The note is just for your information.
    • Click on Continue.
    • The next screen gives you one last chance to review the information before it is sent.
      • If you are using Coinbase, it will ask you for the 2-step verification code (if you have that activated). Enter the code, then click on Confirm.
      • If you are using Blockchain, you have the opportunity to change the transaction fee from regular to priority to get the transaction processed a little quicker.
    • Now, it’s just a matter of waiting until the funds have been sent to your Give and Get Paid wallet.
    • Although the CoinPayments screen may say PAID right away, it could still be another 30 minutes or longer for the funds to actually be in your Give and Get Paid wallet.


Purchasing positions

Steps to purchase a subscription (AFTER you have deposited funds into your CFF account).
  • Click on Position.
  • Click on Purchase Position(s).
  • Click on the Purchase button.
  • That’s all there is to it.
  • Within a few minutes, the position will be credited to your account. Click on Stats, then look at Total Positions.


Steps to PAY for someone else’s subscription.
  • Click On eWallet Transfer.
  • Enter the amount of funds you want to transfer to the person; i.e., $2.00 for one subscription.
  • Enter the Username of the person you want to send the funds to.
  • Enter your Security PIN.
  • Click on the red Transfer button.
  • Then contact the person and tell them (or show them how) to purchase their $2 subscription. (Show them how, especially if they have not logged into their CFF site yet.)


Steps to PIF a single position to someone else.
  • Click on PIF.
  • Enter the USERNAME of the person you want to receive the 10-cent position.
  • If you want to PIF multiple positions to that person, you MUST do the transactions one at a time.
  • Click on the Pay It Forward button.


Steps to purchase a single 10-cent position for yourself.

Follow the steps above for PIFing to someone else. Just enter YOUR username, then Pay It Forward.


This is like a get in line to get paid program

When you purchase a subscription, you will be placed into the matrix based on the time of your purchase.

When your time comes, the company will place 4 spots under you, add $0.15 your Balance, and automatically move you to Level 2. Be patient and wait for your turn.

Your downline members will receive the same, as long as they buy a subscription or a receive a 10 cent PIF from you.

You will get paid extra every time one of your referrals cycles Level 1 and beyond.

Everyone in the world joins the same unique Level 1, and every time 4 new spots are entered, the next-in-line member to be cycled gets paid and moves to Level 2.

It’s like a get in line to get paid program.

The company pays the top spot in line when 4 new spots are bought. Since every purchase is time-stamped, this means you might get different people in your downline than the ones you actually referred to the program. It depends when your referrals buy a subscription or get PIFed by you.

Re-entries and members buying new subscriptions with their earnings will help everyone cycle automatically Level 1 and above. By buying new subscriptions with some of our earnings, we help our first spot placed into the matrix reach higher levels of the matrix that pay more and more money without having to deposit new funds into our accounts.

Also, with subscriptions, we receive one spot per day into the matrix for 20 days to help everyone get their 4. When members start cycling Level 6 and above, they receive many re-entries to help keep the cycling going.



  1. As a minimum, deposit $2 into your account and purchase ONE $2 subscription. Remember, each subscription will automatically purchase one position each day for 20 days.
  2. Deposit $10 into your account and purchase FIVE $2 subscriptions.
  3. Deposit enough funds into your account to purchase FIVE $2 subscriptions each day, or at least ONE $2 subscription each day for a few days.
  4. Deposit enough funds into your account to purchase your subscriptions as well as to PIF positions/subscriptions for others.

Once your positions are EARNING, you can then use the earnings to pay for more subscriptions and to PIF positions for others.

As soon as your position purchases are on track with where YOU would like them to be, begin making withdrawals until you have withdrawn all of the funds YOU DEPOSITED into the program. From that point on, you will be working with earnings, NOT YOUR OWN FUNDS.


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